The President sure opened up the national debate with his endorsement of marriage equality. I’d love to talk about it, but if you tell me that because we are a Christian nation we must follow the example of the Bible as laid down by God, that marriage is between one man and one woman, I would ask that you keep the following in mind:

The bible indicates that marriage is between a man, up to several wives, concubines, and slave girls. If you modulate that in ANY way, or don’t own the other strictures listed along side of it(See the 99% of Leviticus we don’t recognize, and the New Testament strictures against divorce, etc), you allow that the moral code as represented by the bible is malleable for modern adaptation.

The question becomes: Who is the arbiter of that adaptation? God? The person you’re talking to, as informed by King James and his translators, or perhaps my church’s papal translators? That’s fine, as long as we recognizing it IS a change from clear instructions in the bible.

As to the argument that “a large section of the population advocating” for something as a validating factor, that isn’t really an indicator of either a) a correct result or b) a right result.

As an example, somewhat more easily compared, a majority of citizens (or at least those with the franchise) in the South thought interracial marriage should be a felony. Jim Crow was the law just 10 years before I was born. Are these popular assessments of “what is right” to be the law of the land? As a matter of personal pride, my honky ass would have qualifed as black in any of the states that required 4 generations of racial purity. (oddly enough, North Cackalackee only required 3)

That is the point of our system of checks and balances. It works for all sorts of our rights when states or the federal government step on them.

Overall, I think it was Vice President Biden who precipitated this, and in a sort of New Coke serendipity POTUS just laid this one out there. I am pleased that it made people start talking about it, and for the most part, the debate has been elevated. Good for us, America.

And just because I want to have a neat picture pop up on Facebook in the preview pane, here is the cover of John Irving’s latest novel. It discusses the metamorphasis of our country’s views on sexuality over the last 50 years in a really neat way, and perhaps it would be a good book to read if you are conflicted over marriage equality. Click the pic to buy the book.