I used to write for a magazine publisher, stories and articles, and I’ve written fiction for my own edification and for contests among friends. When I am writing, almost every other part of my life gets better. When I’m not, I pretty much languish.

I haven’t been writing consistently for a while, so I thought, what better way than to take part in in NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month. Check them out, particularly if you’re a writer.

I’m aiming at a novella, with at least 1000 words a day, and 50,000 total. I know the math doesn’t work out, but I’ll make up the gap somehow. I’ll also be putting my work in progress up on Google Docs as I go, as an accountability method. Here is a link to the document.

The name of this work? For now, it’s Ragusa. No that’s not the made up name for some fantasy novel. I’m setting this story in pre-renaissance Republic of Ragusa on the Adriatic coast, which was essentially Dubrovnik and the surrounding shoreline.

I’ve always liked the place, largely because it was a centuries long blip of republican “freedom” in a sea of despotism and barbarism. If you’re bored, here’s a link to the Wikipedia entry.

The republic isn’t a character in the story; I’ve always liked the place and I thought it would provide a colorful backdrop. Wish me luck!Image