They say the first step of a run can be the hardest, and I agree with them. I have this story fully formed and mapped out, and yet it still sits there as Facebook and the news aggregators beckon, drawing me like a moth to a flame.

But I persisted, even though this first part is traditionally the most difficult part for me. You see, I wrote this part already, and this is a complete re-write. I didn’t care for the intricacies I built into the old man’s escape before; they were good, and well written, but didn’t live up to my mantra to stick to the point of the chapter. 

So I give you chapter one! About 1500 words, and just the right amount to get me to my goal of 50,000 words by December 1st.


St Catherine’s Convent, Dubrovnik

Feel free to comment, ignore, deride or otherwise interact with this thing. 1 day down, 30 to go!