This is going well. When the writing is easiest, my fingers can’t keep up with my brain, and the words just tumble out onto the page. I did more than 2000 words tonight, finishing a second chapter.

If you read the first part, jump down to page 4. You’ll see something odd, a little flash fiction featuring the old man’s nemesis. I plan on punctuating every chapter this way; it’s an idea inspired by my friend Alistair, who is the flash fiction channel manager over at Here is a link to his work, which is quite vivid.I feel like its important to understand the relationship of the two men as it develops, and to appreciate both sets of thoughts and feelings. Obviously, the old man and the baby are carrying the narrative, but I like the challenge of keeping you up to date on his pursuer in such a small package.

Here is a link to the doc over on Google Drive. Feel free to comment here, Facebook, or on the doc itself. Remember, this is first draft rough writing. I will edit when through so I already know it is well laden with errors. However, I am interested in anachronisms or errors in consistency, as I’ll keep a log of them to correct later.

Good night, all!


Dubrovnik. Saint Margarita’s tower is about halfway down the seaward wall, just before the block shaped Saint Catherine’s convent.