I am ten percent of the way through November (I doubt I’ll write much on election day, so I only have 30 days) and I am hitting on all cylinders.

This story is starting to get legs of its own, and unlike after the first day, where the writing was exhausting, or yesterday, where I finished and didn’t know how I was going to proceed, tonight I have to stop myself.

NaNoWriMo is getting addicting! I already have the specifics of the next three chapters already laid out in my mind, and I have the thing in its entirety mapped.

I like what I’ve written tonight, and even though I slip in a few history lessons (get used to it!) I think I do it in such a way that it builds your knowledge of the character and his development.

I DO have to control my urge to edit yesterday’s entry. I have a specific thing I want to go back and change, but I won’t. I’ll follow the rules and keep plugging along.

This installment starts on page 9, and here is a link to the document.It’s another 2000+ words, with about 250 of it being the flash fiction chapter break at the beginning.

If I keep this up, I’ll turn out like my friend Glory, who is among the most prolific and disciplined writers I know. You should check out her site, I’ve linked to it here, particularly if you like flowers. The woman is a veritable encyclopedia of horticultural knowledge.

Good night!


The pretty little beach where our old man and baby land. I am starting to want to visit, and not like in 92, when I was offshore with the Marines.