Okay, the election took something out of me. I was up late, and then the next day I went to bed at 8.

So tonight I finished that last chapter, and it was long. Another 2000+ words. I’m up to 11,900. Good for me!

Tomorrow I’ll shoot for another 2000, with a big chunk on Saturday.

I had a critique from a friend, and I think it was well placed. He said while the characters and the story are sympathetic and engaging, respectively, the world I was building was unclear.

I’m setting my story in the Republic of Ragusa at around 1412 AD. It’s a real place with an amazing, vibrant culture and history. I think I need to convey that a little better, but without slowing down the action. To that end I will do two things:

1) Write a preface, explaining the setting. this will NOT be part of the story, or introduce the characters. I haven’t named the old man, the young Captain, or the baby yet, and I won’t. You will hopefully understand why when I finish this. However, a little historical background is appropriate, and that’s a Saturday thing.

2) Include MAPS! I love maps, and when I read a good piece of non-fiction like Kagan’s Peleponnesian War, or historical fiction, or even fantasy, I constantly refer to the maps as I’m reading. A friend has offered to draw some in support of my NaNoWriMo efforts and I think I will take him up. I’m thinking one stylized map of the setting, and I can carve out chunks as I need them for each chapter. For this chapter I would have a map covering the base of the Peljesac Peninsula to about halfway down the length. It would make it easier to follow the action without being a compromise.

They say write what you know and like, and I like books with maps. 😉