The Generals: American Military Command from World War II to Today


In his new book Mr Ricks outlines how the meritocracy that Marshall established in WWII fell to a CYA shambles over the course of the next 60-70 years, and how that has led to some remarkable strategic failures on the part of our armed forces.

This is not some pacifist screed outlining an anti-establishment manifesto, but rather a thoughtful analysis of the way the culture of the military has changed since WWII and the impact on our country’s foreign policy.

Disclaimer. Mr. Ricks holds two positions that pre-qualify him as a good thinker in my book, and therefore I am predisposed to like and recommend him.

1) He has an even lower opinion of Douglas MacArthur than I do. This is only possible because Mr. Ricks is a scholar who knows the American Caesar better. 

2) He has an even higher opinion of General James Mattis USMC Retired than I do, which again, is only possible because he knows more details about the general, and can get specific about his skill set.

If you don’t know who MacArthur is, I can’t help you. If you don’t know who General Mattis is, this should be enough for you.



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