This one has been accepted for the annual juried art show at the Delaplaine in Frederick. If you are in Frederick in May, stop by and take a look in person.

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Maho3detOkay, maybe I am a little obsessed, but Edgar Allan Poe is big in Maryland.  Poe was born in Massachusetts, but  he lived, married and died in Baltimore. Boston, Philly and New York also claim Poe as a native son; but Baltimore remains the only city to name a major league team after him (Go Ravens!)

As I have written before, I love dark tales.  I have loved Poe’s macabre stories ever since Mr. Geisler read “The Tell Tale Heart” out-loud to us in the 6th grade.  I also have memories of my Dad re-telling the story of the Masque of the Red Death – boy, that gave me nightmares!

So here’s my newest Poe, one that I hope to enter into the Juried event at the Delaplaine this Spring.  Wish me luck!


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