914 Days

I went to the White House today to stand an hour long vigil for Amir Hekmati. He has been held by the Iranian government for 914 days on espionage charges. He was previously convicted, sentenced to death, and then ordered to stand a retrial, which is still pending.

Recently, the Iranian government announced that they were holding no American citizens. They weren’t saying they didn’t have Amir, just that they didn’t recognize that this American born former Marine sergeant was a US citizen.

We got a lot of interest today, and talked to some good people. The first reaction is almost always one of shock (that there is no news coverage of Amir), anger (“we should send in the SEALS!”), or a political statement about how it’s the fault of someone here in the states.

My message to them, and to you, is that there is nothing more the US can do. But there is something you can do. You can write a letter to Amir by clicking on this picture. His family gets them, and hopefully the next time his mother visits she can relay the support. Of course, writing to your congressman, senator, or the President is also positive, but please start with Amir.

Semper Fi