In June, Amir’s mother makes the trip again, and this time she is able to see him. 
Now she gets to see the son whose life is no longer in the balance. Unlike many of the other prisoners in Evin, who disappear, Amir at least has the protection of being a US citizen about whom there has been news coverage both inside Iran and around the world.
There is still no word of a new trial, but the relief each would have felt at seeing one another would be worth a hundred trips, not just the two it took to get this done.
It will be more than a year before there are any updates from Amir or about his case, but the family keeps trying. 
Part of the struggle is the incongruous nature of the Iranian legal system. It does not function as does the system the United States, and Amir’s state appointed lawyer has not seemed to function in his client’s best interests.