1000 days. Harrible milestone. Take the next few minutes and think about something that happened to you over the last 1000 days. Share it here. It really puts what Amir is missing, and how this has hurt his family.
I really try not to think about it, but I have little reminders in my life that help. One is the faded pink bracelet you’ll see on my wrist. A friend gave it to me, and it used to say “Persevere with Passion” 

She had them made, and gave them to friends. I would write, “friends she wanted to inspire” but this woman was a walking inspiration. Anyone who has an oncologist, and yet still lives the life she does is inspirational.

So I use her bracelet to remind myself to not just suck it up about Amir, but to do something.

I hope that I’ve qualified for that today, and I hope that you choose to do something. Write a letter, call the White House, set a google news alert for Amir Hekmati. Whatever it is, for this one day just give a crap in a way that will have a lasting impact.

That’s not too much to ask for a Marine veteran.