Born in 1970 – right between the Boom and X.

I have hearing aids. When the VA doc asked me what color I wanted I said “Scarlet and Gold!” She said, they really only come in skin tones, except for the kids sizes.

I graduated from Parris Island on 30 March 1990. My girlfriend (now wife) came down to get me. It was an amazing day.

I like reading boring classic texts. Not because I’m pretentious, but because they let you directly into the mind of someone who died 2 millenia ago. Read The Conquest of Gaul and tell me you don’t get an idea of what kind of guy Julius Caesar was. Even better, read The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius. He wrote them to himself, so there’s not this obeisance to posterity that you might get in Gaul or a modern autobiography. I tend to prefer the stuff written by people who lived another life before they took up the pen. I’m not smart enough to grok the philosphers, but people like Sallust, Xenophon and Caesar I get.

I am constantly amazed and frustrated by my children. Amazed by their accomplishments and potential, and frustrated that they won’t let me help them realize that potential by avoiding the mistakes I made.

People use the term “better half” like a throwaway line. I try not to, because it is so meaningful to me.