I want you to read my friend’s story. It’s quite creepy, and vivid and wordy to the point of actually generating UV light.

I write for fun with some people online. We critique each other’s writing, and have a contest once a month or so. I know that I write because I like to; It gives me pleasure to string words together to create powerful stories. I usually try to communicate as much story as possible with as few words as I can, which is good advice for anyone trying to write (From King’s On Writing) 

My friend Alistair is the opposite. He specializes in Flash Fiction (stories generally under 600 words) and he is more about setting a scene than moving along a plot. As far as I can tell, he tries to communicate as little story as possible with as many words as he can. That might be counter productive if you are trying to write a novel, but in flash fiction, it is devastating.

For those of you who don’t get what I’m saying, his writing style is the drag racing funny car while novel writing is almost any kind of distance racing. He’s only got a quarter mile to impress you, so get ready for a show.

Seriously, it will only take you about a minute to read it, and it is quite evocative. (It made me think of Krokodil. If you don’t know what that is, please don’t google it. Some things can’t be unseen.  )

Click the picture below.

No my picture, belongs to Edward Smith, who let Alistair use it for his story.