When I count down fromĀ 10 you will be in a trance. You will not carry any political baggage. You will just read this article and appreciate that this bike riding vegetarian’s retirement is a shame. You will wish that climate science could be debated by tweedish types in a politics free atmosphere. Unfortunately, I use the Parris Island method of counting down, so your trancelike state may be incomplete. Oh well.

10, 9, 4, 2, 1

What follows is an interview with George Taylor who is one of the following: A minion of satan, A shining beacon of righteousness, or a well-trained professor with scientific curiosity.

George Taylor, larger than life!

He essentially presented some real questions about the importance of carbon emssions in the range of factors that impact climate change, and has been either demonized or deified accordingly. Since you are in a trance, you will read the following article without any preconceived notions.

The internationally reknowned Lake Oswego Review’s interview with George Taylor

Revolutionary! Thoughts, anyone? Remember, I’m leaving you in that trance thingy, so make them informed by your own knowledge, not whatever external thought-machines you happen to use.