I am SO looking forward to VEEP, coming up this Sunday. First, it stars Elaine.

Elaine got elected

I know her name is Julia-Louise Dreyfus, but when I talk to my friends and family, I say Elaine. Just like Wallace Shawn is Vezinni and Ray Romano is Ray. And if you’re reading this, you’re my friend, because I like everybody.

Click on her picture for the USA Today review.

I recommend it as therapy because we are about to enter an extremely vicious election cycle. To paraphrase Winston Zeddemore, you will see $#!+ that will turn you white. I feel it is my duty as a civic-minded American to protect the political process from a complete collapse into illegitimacy.

To that end, I recommend you watch VEEP as a form of inoculation. It is not partisan, that I can tell; it’s more about farce and exposing the underlying humanity (read vulnerability) of those in Washington.

My hope is that this farce will carry you through the week, and instead of wanting to punch the television when a report or an ad comes on, you will laugh, because you know the main characters in Washington and beyond don’t really know what the hell they’re doing anyway, and they are insecure, and they think their butt is fat, or whatever.

Here’s a really thoughtful review by Dave Zurawik of the Baltimore Sun, which speaks to the credentials of the director, which is one of the main reasons why I’m watching. You should check it out here. 

And if you, like my friend Dan O’Connor, don’t have TV and haven’t figured out how to use someone else”s HBOGO.COM yet, check out Dan’s web comic at www.AceKilroy.com or his cool artwork at his blog at Studio Gulag. It has nothing to do with VEEP, but I feel sorry for Dan, because he can’t watch it, so I’ll drive a few clicks in his direction.

Semper Fi.